[Haskell] my gsoc project topic

Csaba Hruska csaba.hruska at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 09:01:06 EDT 2010


I'm wondering about the topic of my gsoc project.
I'm interested in these areas:
- improving cabal (more sophisticated dependency, multi version, compiler
support, etc)
  This could be useful from practical view.

- Another idea is to improve GHC's new LLVM backend.
  (eg: support cross module optimization, integrate with llvm-gcc or clang
to support full project link time optimization, even using FFI)
  I'm really keen on compiler technology, and i know llvm for 3 years. (and
i'm familiar with clang too)
  I also have a perspective to GHC's compile stages and intermediate
  But I've seen that other people are interested in LLVM backend gsoc
project too.

- Another LLVM related idea is to create a framework to support writing llvm
passes in haskell, this should be based on existing llvm haskell binding.

- I'm also interested in computer graphics. While this kind of project could
look really good, the community could not benefit from it.
 eg: *write a pure FRP based 3D game, withs existing haskell libs
      *improve lambdacube 3D engine, etc
 IMO the big thing will come in these area when DPH and GPGPU will be stable
and supported.

What do you think about these?

Csaba Hruska
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