[Haskell] PhD position in Functional Programming at Chalmers (deadline 2010-04-07)

Patrik Jansson patrikj at chalmers.se
Mon Mar 8 09:07:49 EST 2010

Come and work with us!

The Chalmers FP group is recruiting a PhD student to work on FP and 
DSELs. Details are here


and below.

   Patrik Jansson, Koen Claessen, Mary Sheeran, John Hughes


Job description

The PhD student will join the research activities at our department in
the area of functional programming, much of which concentrates on the
design and application of Domain Specific Embedded Languages (DSELs).
Examples of our previous work in this area are Lava, a language for
hardware description and verification, QuickCheck, a DSL for specifying
and testing programs and PolyP, a language for generic functional

Our goals for the coming four years are to develop theories and tools
that make future DSELs easier to design, implement, and use. Concretely,
we aim for making reusable, generic libraries that capture common
aspects occurring in many DSELs, such as symbolic simulation and error
messages. Moreover, we want to develop domain-specific specification,
testing and verification methods, using for example QuickCheck and
automated theorem proving techniques, that exploit the particular
restrictions that programs in the DSL at hand obey. All this will be
done in the context of the concrete DSELs the group is already working on.


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