[Haskell] Announce: revamped free theorems generator

Janis Voigtländer jv at informatik.uni-bonn.de
Fri Jun 18 07:42:06 EDT 2010

The online free theorems generator, previously announced here:


now runs at:


Thanks to Matthias Bartsch, there are now additional features in the
online tool. In particular, one can declare one's own algebraic data
types, type synonyms, type renamings, and type classes, and then
generate free theorems for types involving those. Also, the tool now
outputs inline graphics with nicely typeset theorems. (Plain text
output, as well as .pdf and corresponding .tex, are still possible.)


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Janis Voigtländer
mailto:jv at iai.uni-bonn.de

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