[Haskell] ANN: HaXml-1.20.1

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Wed Jan 13 12:27:20 EST 2010

I am pleased to announce a new, stable, release of HaXml.  (Actually,  
1.20 has been available for some time, but I am just getting round to  
the announcement, and a fresh bugfix means a version bump to 1.20.1.)


If you have been using the previous stable version, 1.13.x, you are  
strongly encouraged to upgrade, as no further bugfixes will be back- 
propagated.  (Ideally, Cabal and Hackage should also now cease to  
recommend 1.13.x as a preferred version, but I do not know how to  
change that.  A simple "cabal install HaXml" will unfortunately still  
find 1.13.x, so please use "cabal install HaXml-1.20.1" with explicit  
version number.)

There have been significant API changes since 1.13.x, and a brief  
migration guide is included on the website.  In summary:

     * There is a SAX-like stream parser.
     * Ordinary parsing of XML documents can now also be lazy.
     * Some types have changed.
     * Some old classes have been re-arranged into a single new class.


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