[Haskell] ANN: Try Haskell! An interactive tutorial in your browser

Benjamin L. Russell DekuDekuplex at Yahoo.com
Sun Feb 28 17:48:07 EST 2010

According to the top page of HaskellWiki (see http://www.haskell.org/)
(under "February 2010" under "1 Headlines"), there is an alpha version
of a new interactive, online Haskell interpreter entitled "Try Haskell!"
at http://tryhaskell.org/.

The top panel of the page features an interactive interpreter, while the
bottom panel features a text tutorial.  The user types in commands
in the top panel according to the text tutorial, and the interpreter
responds with output.  There is also a "Reset" button in the upper right
corner of the tool which resets the state of both panels to the default

I just tried it out, and it appears to have been completed up to Lesson
3.  So far, it apparently teaches up to lists.  It was fun to try out.

This tutorial somehow reminded me of an interactive Scheme tutorial,
"Lists And Lists," copyrighted in 1996 by Andrew Plotkin, at 
That tutorial was arranged in the style of an adventure game, while this
tutorial is more similar to a very similar Ruby tutorial, "try ruby! (in
your browser)" at http://TryRuby.org/.

It could be fun if somebody could come up with a Haskell version of
the above-mentioned"Lists And Lists," which also includes a text-based
Scheme reference on the virtual computer within the adventure game.

-- Benjamin L. Russell
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