[Haskell] CFP: Workshop on Termination (WST 2010, Edinburgh, July 14-15)

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at imn.htwk-leipzig.de
Mon Feb 22 07:30:14 EST 2010

Dear all, the 11th Intl. Workshop on Termination
welcomes contributions from the functional programming community.
See the general call for papers: http://imada.sdu.dk/~petersk/WST2010/
and let me add a few words here.

The typical functional (compiler) programmer needs
- termination of programs
- termination of program transformations (rules)
- termination of program analysis (type checking/inference)
So I'm sure the workshop topic is highly relevant,
and we are looking for *your* contributions.

The workshop provides a ground for cross-fertilisation of ideas from
term rewriting and from the different programming language communities.
We hope to attain the same friendly atmosphere as in past workshops,
which enabled fruitful exchanges leading to joint research and
subsequent publications.

Also, we have an annual competition for automated termination provers,
and since 2007 it contains a Haskell category.
The problems there are taken directly from the Standard Prelude.

The state of the art in automated Haskell termination is pretty
much defined by the AProVE team (Aachen University), nicely
summarized here: http://aprove.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/eval/Haskell/

Best regards, Johannes Waldmann.

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