[Haskell] haskell.org migration complete

Matthias Kilian kili at outback.escape.de
Fri Dec 3 21:51:01 CET 2010

On Fri, Dec 03, 2010 at 12:48:58AM +0100, Claus Reinke wrote:
> Beginning this week, the majority of mails from haskell.org
> lists seem to end up in my ISP's spam filter. That would be
> Yahoo! - I wonder whether others here have seen a similar
> effect when checking their spam filters?

That's provider stupidity.

> So it might be related to the new server. Is whitelisting
> something the mailing list hosting service should deal
> with, or is that left to the customer?

To the customer. Think about it for a minute. What if you want to
run a mailinglist, and gazillions of mail providers start bouncing
(or even just quarantining, without you even noticing) mails from
your list server? Or even some complain about too many rcpt-to
entries, whereas others complain about too many consecutive connections
(which happens if you reduce the number of recipients per smtp
session to mitigate the former problem)?


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