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                        Second CALL FOR PAPERS

                           TERMGRAPH 2011
                    6th International Workshop on
                   Computing with Terms and Graphs

                   a Satellite Event of ETAPS 2011
                Saarbrücken, Germany, April 2nd, 2011


      Full versions of best papers will be included in an issue of the
  international journal Mathematical Structures in Computer Science (MSCS)

                Important Dates

December 8, 2010       Abstract submission
December 15, 2010      Paper submission
January 16, 2011       Notification of acceptance
February 4, 2011       Pre-proceedings version due


TERMGRAPH   2011   is  a   one-day satellite    event  of  ETAPS  2011
<http://www.etaps.org/>, which    will  take place     in Saarbrücken,
Germany, from March 26  to April 3rd, 2011.   Previous editions of the
TERMGRAPH  workshops  series (http://www.termgraph.org.uk/) took place
in Barcelona (2002), in Rome (2004), in Vienna (2006), in Braga (2007)
and in York (2009).

                 Aims and scope

Research in term and graph rewriting ranges from theoretical questions
to practical  issues.  Computing with graphs   handles the sharing  of
common subexpressions in a natural and seamless  way, and improves the
efficiency of  computations in space  and time.  Sharing is ubiquitous
in several research areas, for instance : the  modelling of first- and
higher-order  term rewriting by (acyclic  or  cyclic) graph rewriting,
the  modelling   of biological  or  chemical  abstract   machines, the
implementation      techniques    of   programming     languages: many
implementations of functional,  logic, object-oriented, concurrent and
mobile calculi are based on term graphs.  Term graphs are also used in
automated theorem proving and  symbolic computation systems working on
shared structures.

The aim of this workshop  is to bring  together researchers working in
different domains on term and graph transformation and to foster their
interaction, to provide a forum  for presenting new  ideas and work in
progress, and to enable newcomers to learn about current activities in
term graph rewriting.


               Topics of Interest

Topics of interest are open and include all aspects of term graphs and
sharing of common subexpressions  in rewriting, programming, automated
reasoning and symbolic computation. This includes  (but is not limited
to): term    rewriting, graph transformation,   programming languages,
models   of   computation,  graph-based   languages,    semantics  and
implementation    of programming   languages, compiler   construction,
pattern   recognition,    databases,   bioinformatics,   and    system


              Submissions and Publication

Authors are invited to submit either regular papers  (up to 15 pages),
or  position papers, system  descriptions, work  in progress, extended
abstracts (5-7 pages), via the EasyChair system, at URL


Submissions should be in PostScript or PDF format, using the
EPTCS style files (http://style.eptcs.org/).

The  Proceedings  will be  published   in  Electronic  Proceedings  in
Theoretical   Computer  Science (EPTCS).    Selected  authors  will be
invited  to  submit  a   full version   of   their papers after   the
workshop.  These  submissions  will  pass  through  a second  round of
reviewing and  accepted contributions are  to be included in a special
issue of the international journal Mathematical Structures in Computer
Science (MSCS).


              Programme Committee

Paolo Baldan, University of Padova, Italy
Andrea Corradini, University of Pisa, Italy
Frank Drewes, Umea University, Sweden
Rachid Echahed (chair), CNRS, LIG Laboratory, France
Tetsuo Ida, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Wolfram Kahl, McMaster University, Canada
Ian Mackie, Ecole Polytechnique, France
Detlef Plump, University of York, UK



Rachid Echahed, LIG Lab., Grenoble, France
echahed at imag.fr


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