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John Lato jwlato at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 17:35:26 EDT 2010


I am very pleased to announce the release of iteratee-  This release
features several breaking changes from prior versions, including a new
low-level implementation.  Type names have been changed to bring them closer
in line to Oleg's publications, the iteratee type has been simplified and
requires fewer type variables, WrappedByteString is no longer necessary or
provided, and many of the special combinators such as ($$) are no longer

Another very powerful feature is a user-extensible mechanism for iteratees
to alter enumerator behavior, enabled by the new exception mechanism and the
callback-based enumerator interface.  A simple example of this feature is
the provided "seek" implementation.

Other improvements include re-written documentation and new example files in
the Examples folder (available after unpacking the hackage distribution).
There is also a new tutorial in the Examples folder provided by Ben Lee,
which details the new CPS-based implementation.   If you've tried iteratee
before but had trouble understanding it, please consider having another
look.  I have also released the package "iteratee-mtl", which is identical
to the main package except it is based upon mtl.

Due to the type name changes, iteratee-0.4 is incompatible with prior
releases.  Updating code to this release can be as simple as changing
types/imports, although in many cases the conversion will be more involved.
For those users who are unable to update to this release, I am also pleased
to announce Iteratee-0.3.6, the final release of the 0.3.x line.  It has
been somewhat cleaned up and features several powerful new functions
contributed by Conrad Parker and Brian Lewis, including "ioIter", "mapM_",
and "enumFdFollow".  These functions will be migrated to the 0.4 line in due

I am most grateful to many people who contributed to this release.  Thanks
especially to Conrad Parker, Antoine Latter, Ben Lee, Paulo Tanimoto, and
Edward Yang for many significant improvements.

Thank you,
John Lato
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