[Haskell] ICFP 2010: Call for participation

Wouter Swierstra wouter at vectorfabrics.com
Tue Aug 3 03:04:34 EDT 2010

>>  * September 25:
>>      Workshop on Mechanizing Metatheory (WMM)
>>      Workshop on High-Level Parallel Programming and Applications (HLPP)
> Hmm, what happened to MSFP? http://cs.ioc.ee/msfp/msfp2010/index2.html ?

Of course, there's also the ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Mathematically
Structured Functional Programming (MSFP), which must have lost
somewhere along the line when copy-pasting together the
call-for-participation. MSFP is listed on the homepage, together with
all other affiliated events:


so I'm not sure what went wrong. Thanks for pointing this out Janis!


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