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Thomas ANBERREE thomas.anberree at nottingham.edu.cn
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The University of Nottingham offers inter-campus (China/UK) funded PhD positions in functional programming and type theory and we are also seeking Marie Curie fellows in the same area.

For details see: http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~tfa/ or keep reading.

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Inter-Campus PhD studies in China/U.K.
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   The Division of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China has several openings for PhD studies. The PhD scholarships are funded (some fully funded and some partially funded) by the University of Nottingham for a period of three years. Students are expected to spend one year in China, one year in the UK and the final year in China, under the supervision of two co-supervisors, one on each Campus. The expected starting date is October 2010. 
We are seeking to recruit candidates to work with us at the Functional Programming Laboratory, on a subject in relation to a new project:
Implementation of a dependently-typed programming language using a verified core-language.

The supervisors will be: Dr Thomas Anberree in China, Dr Thorsten Altenkirch in Nottingham.

Applicants should have a degree in Computer Science or a related discipline and a strong background in functional programming and foundations of mathematics. Previous interest in dependent type theory is desirable. Excellent communication skills and English are required. Interested candidates should make initial inquiries by email to Thomas.Anberree at nottingham.edu.cn and include a CV. 

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Marie Curie Fellowships
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  The department of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) is keen to host Marie Curie Fellows . Candidates must have a PhD and preferably a few years of Post-Doctoral experience in the area of Functional Programming and Dependent Types Theory or other highly related area. Ideally, candidates will be citizens of a continental Europe country (i.e. a non-British European citizen), although British citizens may be considered. We are particularly seeking candidates to work on a new project,

Implementation of a dependently-typed programming language based on a verified core language.

The fellow will be a member of our Functional Programming Laboratory and will work under the supervision of Dr Thomas Anberree in China, Dr Thorsten Altenkirch in Nottingham. In the first instance interested candidates should direct informal enquiries to Thomas.Anberree at nottingham.edu.cn as soon as possible in order to put forward a Marie Curie Fellowship application. The University of Nottingham has an excellent track record with a high rate of successful applications and provides strong support in the application process. The closing deadline for applications is 30th June, and notifications will be made around the end of November. The appointment will be expected to begin around January 2011. UNNC can offer many of the support facilities which are on offer at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. This is an ideal opportunity for the candidate to spend 12 to 24 months living and working in China, before returning to their home University.

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