[Haskell] Interesting experiences of test automation in Haskell? Automation of Software Test 2010

John Hughes rjmh at chalmers.se
Fri Nov 27 15:30:48 EST 2009

This is a "heads up" about a workshop on test automation that I just joined the programme committee of. Automation of Software Test will be co-located with ICSE in Cape Town in May--the workshop home page is here: 


Tools like QuickCheck, SmallCheck and HUnit fit the call for papers perfectly. So if you're doing some interesting automated testing in Haskell, why not submit a paper about it, and show a new audience what the Haskell community is up to? Both research papers and case studies are welcome, and the latter can even be in the form of a presentation of up to 15 slides--so there's no excuse for not putting something together!

So how about it? It would be great to see some Haskell papers at the workshop! Deadline 20 January.

John Hughes

PS Check out the ICSE web site for information on the location: http://www.sbs.co.za/ICSE2010/
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