[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: qtHaskell-1.1.3

Jens Petersen petersen at haskell.org
Thu Nov 19 08:54:45 EST 2009

Hi again David,

> Thank you - guess I was getting confused with
> the references to qmake: today ./build seems to
> work just fine for me on Fedore

A few more questions and thank you for qthaskell!! :-)

- any plans to cleanup the buildsystem?
  (requiring sudo to complete building is a bit of a no-no)

- Any idea how much ram is needed to build on Linux?
  I thought I built it once but the other night i left bin/hbuild
running over night and it was still swapping/running at

[399 of 640] Compiling Qtc.Gui.QListWidget ( Qtc/Gui/QListWidget.hs,
dist/build/Qtc/Gui/QListWidget.o )

the next morning - (this humble 32bit P4 only has 1.5GB of ram
- I'll try another bigger box later).

Thanks, Jens

ps I would to package it up for fedora. :)

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