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Tracy Wadleigh tracy.wadleigh at gmail.com
Sun May 17 20:48:49 EDT 2009


mathlink is a library for writing Mathematica packages in Haskell.

One simply writes some functions of type:

(MLGet a, MLPut b) => a -> IO b

and provides a package specification in a simple DSL that mimics that of
Mathematica's mprep utility. The result is a program that exposes functions
that can be called from Mathematica.

This is a complete rewrite of my original implementation and more closely
captures the functionality I originally intended.

I've only tested it on my own platform (64-bit Linux), but I've taken pains
to make sure the code should run on any platform. (The only real issue in
the code is picking the right functions to call when marshaling Ints.)
Please report any tweaks required to get it to work on your platform. (That
is, of course, only if, in fact, there are any other users out there. Right
now, as far as I know, I'm it.)

I'd also just like to hear from any Haskellers out there that also use
Mathematica on a regular basis. Ping me if you're one.

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