[Haskell] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 117 - May 12, 2009

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Tue May 12 08:15:02 EDT 2009

Haskell Weekly News
Issue 117 - May 12, 2009

   Welcome to issue 117 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   The Haskell Platform is here!


   The Haskell Platform. Don Stewart [2]announced the first release of the
   [3]Haskell Platform: a single, standard Haskell distribution for every
   system. The Haskell Platform is a blessed library and tool suite for
   Haskell culled from Hackage, along with installers for a wide variety
   of systems. It saves developers work picking and choosing the best
   Haskell libraries and tools to use for a task.

   GHC version 6.10.3. Ian Lynagh [4]announced the release of [5]GHC
   6.10.3. This release contains a handful of bugfixes relative to 6.10.2
   and better line editing support in GHCi, so updating is recommend. See
   the [6]release notes for more details.

   Bindings for libguestfs. Richard W.M. Jones [7]announced some
   [8]partial bindings for [9]libguestfs.

   Heads up: Conflicting versions of network-2.2.1. Johan Tibell
   [10]announced a heads-up that the version of network-2.2.1 that shipped
   with GHC 6.10 differs from the one on Hackage. If you want the API
   additions that are present in network-2.2.1 on Hackage, be sure to use
   network- instead.

   hpc-strobe-0.1: Hpc-generated strobes for a running Haskell program.
   Thorkil Naur [11]announced the initial release of [12]hpc-strobe, a
   rudimentary library that demonstrates the possibility of using Hpc
   (Haskell Program Coverage) to inspect the state of a running Haskell
   program. hpc-strobe uses the basic machinery provided by Hpc to produce
   multiple tix files, also called strobes, representing the coverage at
   different times while the program is running. By subtracting such two
   tix files, again using Hpc machinery, a tix file representing the
   expressions used between the times of recording the subtracted tix
   files is produced. This may be used, for example, to get a better idea
   of what a long-running program is doing. It could also be used as a
   profiling tool, getting information about how many times individual
   expressions are used.

   BUG FIX release of regex-tdfa-1.1.2. ChrisK [13]announced version 1.1.2
   of [14]regex-tdfa, a bug-fix release.

   Silkworm game. Duane Johnson [15]announced the release of [16]Silkworm,
   a game written in Haskell using [17]Hipmunk and GLFW.


   Platform policy question: API compatibility in minor releases. Duncan
   Coutts began a [18]discussion on versioning policies for major and
   minor releases, for packages included in the Haskell Platform. See also
   the [19]newly started discussion on the purpose of Haskell Platform

Blog noise

   [20]Haskell news from the [21]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Magnus Therning: [22]Vim haskellmode packaged for Arch.
     * Manuel M T Chakravarty: [23]Instant Generics: Fast and Easy..
     * Bjorn Buckwalter: [24]May 2009 HCAR Submissions.
     * Gtk2HS: [25]Gtk2HS 0.10.1 Released.
     * Magnus Therning: [26]Arch and Haskell, on little snag.
     * Mikael Vejdemo Johansson (DrSyzygy): [27]Gröbner bases for operads
       - Or "What I did in my vacation".
     * Mads Lindstrøm: [28]WxGeneric 0.6.0.
     * Osfameron: [29]Is currying monadic?.
     * James Iry: [30]A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of
       Programming Languages.
     * Duane Johnson: [31]Visualizing Typed Functions.
     * Well-Typed.Com: [32]Next steps for the Haskell Platform.
     * Don Stewart (dons): [33]The Haskell Platform.
     * Luke Palmer: [34]Lazy Partial Evaluation.
     * Christopher Lane Hinson: [35]Vec is Good.
     * LHC Team: [36]Constructor specialization and laziness..
     * Lee Pike: [37]An Atomic Fibonacci Server: Exploring the Atom
       (Haskell) DSL.
     * John Van Enk: [38]Atom & Arduino :: First Program (pt. 2).
     * >>> Chris Forno: [39]Is Haskell a Good Choice for Web
     * >>> Sparky: [40]Haskell and Eclipse [Part 2].
     * >>> Brit Butler: [41]Playing with Haskell.
     * Duane Johnson: [42]Silkworm Game written in Haskell.
     * Matthew Podwysocki: [43]Functional Composition and Partial
       Application .
     * >>> Takashi: [44]A Prolog In Haskell.
     * >>> mokehehe: [45]Using DirectX from Haskell.
     * >>> mokehehe: [46]AO bench in Haskell.

Quotes of the Week

     * jfredett: My haskell-spider senses were tingling, I just overshot
       RT and went for the Halting Problem.
     * NeilBrown: I heard that if you chant "I don't think this can be
       done in Haskell" three times in front of a text editor, Don Stewart
       appears and implements it in one line...
     * bos: The last couple of times I've wanted a book like that, I wrote
       the book myself. It's a very effective way to get the book you
       want, compared to wishing.
     * edwardk: {-# LANGUAGE time to pay the cutting edge typing features
       tax #-}
     * SPJ: Haha this is good news, I have slipped functional programming
       into your brain without you realising it is something very weird.
     * EvilTerran: writing machine code by hand on tape with a magnetised
       needle looks good compared to PHP :P
     * Athas: I like Lisp for its extreme expressivity, but I think it's
       easier to make Haskell more powerful, than to make Lisp more
       statically safe.
     * roconnor: I can't wait for the Density Comonad chapter of "learn
       you a haskell"

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