[Haskell] Re: scoped type variables

Chung-chieh Shan ccshan at post.harvard.edu
Tue Mar 17 20:32:02 EDT 2009

Norman Ramsey <nr at cs.tufts.edu> wrote in article <20090316154743.12F45104CE6 at lakeland.eecs.harvard.edu> in gmane.comp.lang.haskell.general:
> ...
> In any case, I hope this question is orthogonal to the problem of
> permitting a type declaration as a 'decl' in a where clause and not a
> mere lonely 'topdecl'.   Is anybody else keen to have this ability?

Yes, and I'd like to say
    "let type ... = ... in"
    "where type ... = ..."
inside type expressions as well.

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