[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Turbinado V0.6

Alson Kemp alson at alsonkemp.com
Thu Mar 12 22:22:17 EDT 2009

Turbinado (http://www.turbinado.org) is a Rails-ish
Model-View-Controller web serving framework for Haskell.  It's in
heavy development, is making excellent progress and is designed to
make building websites in Haskell a joy.

It’s been long enough since Turbinado V0.4 that I figured I’d skip
V0.5 and go straight to announcing Turbinado V0.6.  Lots of new
excellent features:
    * By popular demand, support for CGI serving. Apparently some web
hosts don’t support HTTP proxying, so some folks requested CGI
    * Statically compiled Layouts, Views, Controllers (to complement
dynamic loading).
    * Support for “.format” in routes. If a request path is
“/User/List.xml”, then the following View will be called:
    * Lower case paths.
    * Support for cookies (see here for examples).
    * Encrypted cookie sessions (see here to see how to use them).
    * Much easier installs using cabal-install.
    * Support for GHC 6.10.  GHC 6.8 is no longer supported.

Turbinado V0.7 will be all about:

    * Documentation. (seriously.)
    * User authentication.
    * Tutorials.

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