[Haskell] Announce: iteratee-0.1.0

John Lato jwlato at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 15:28:00 EDT 2009

I am pleased to announce the hackage release of iteratee-0.1.0.  This
library implements enumerators and iteratees as proposed by Oleg
Kiselyov (http://okmij.org/ftp/Haskell/Iteratee/).  Significant
differences from his original code include:

 - Seeking is allowed within any monad; the specific RBIO monad is
neither required nor provided.
 - Data buffers may be of arbitrary types as specified by the
StreamChunk type class.  This allows for user-provided buffer types
(e.g. arrays, vectors, etc.).  Instances are provided for lists and
ByteStrings.  This, in conjunction with seeking, allows for efficient
processing of binary data in addition to text.
 - Cross-platform support.  Currently this is slightly less efficient
than the Posix operations, but should run on any system targeted by a
Haskell compiler.

Although basic I/O specific enumerators are provided, this library
should allow seamless interoperation with user-provided iteratees and
enumerators.  I hope that this flexibility will encourage a much wider
adoption of enumerator-based IO in the Haskell community.

This library is experimental, and the API is subject to change if it
will seem advantageous.  Patches are welcome: the darcs repo is at
http://inmachina.net/~jwlato/haskell/iteratee .  Discussion and
comments are also always welcome.

I would like to acknowledge several individuals for their
contributions and suggestions:
Oleg Kiselyov
Paulo Tanimoto
Johan Tibell

John Lato

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