[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: uacpid-0.0.4

Dino Morelli dino at ui3.info
Tue Jul 21 22:55:31 EDT 2009

Announcing uacpid-0.0.4

uacpid is a daemon designed to be run in userspace that will monitor the local system's acpid socket for hardware events. These events can then be acted upon by handlers with access to the user's environment.

An example of why you need this: Suppose you want to have a hardware event change the active X displays, like a laptop external monitor function button. Some tools to achieve this display change require the logged in user's DISPLAY and other settings that may be difficult or impossible to gain access to from acpid scripts.

Another example is media control function buttons, like play/pause or next/previous track for a music player.

uacpid is running as you and is getting the hardware events reported by the system's acpid. uacpid can then act on the events on your behalf, with your environment.

Available from Hackage, Arch Linux's AUR, darcs, see the homepage:

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