[Haskell] [ANN] Korean translation of "Programming in Haskell"

Ahn, Ki Yung kyagrd at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 21:47:46 EDT 2009

I am very happy to announce that we now have a non-English book on
Haskell.  It is now being printed and officially the publishing date is
2009-07-24.  It will be available on Korean bookstores from next week.

Publisher's new book announcement:

Book hompage (being updated):

There are some additional screenshots of installing Hugs and GHC, which
isn't in the original translation, and also has Windows port of Graham
Hutton's original script on the book hompage that uses interactive
programs using non-buffered standard inputs and ANSI code.  And, it has
the new Haskell logo on its cover :)

If you are in Korean institution teaching programming languages related
courses you can introduce it to students as recommended text to
understand and feel about what functional programming paradigm is.  It
can be also used as a introductory programming course, or for self
learning.  Also, if you have a international Korean student outside of
Korea having difficulties in understanding functional programming
paradigm this you can introduce this book as a good starting point.  We
hope this translation makes a positive impact increasing the number of
functional programmers locally in Korea.

Many thanks to everyone who helped us translators on this project
including Graham Hutton himself, Gyun Woo who has shown interest and
given advice and also provided a space for homepage, the Korean
reviewers who volunteered for correcting errors in the draft, colleagues
in Portland State University who encourages this project, and the Daerim
publishing for making a brave decision to publish the first Korean book
on Higher-Order & Type language in the market even though there are not
yet many local institutions or industry using Haskell.

(FYI, there has been only two books on functional language published in
Korean before, both translations. One is the SICP, and the other is
Programming in Erlang.)

  Ahn, Ki Yung

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