[Haskell] Re: [Haskell-cafe] ANN: Hayoo! beta 0.4

Janis Voigtlaender voigt at tcs.inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Jul 9 07:40:48 EDT 2009

Timo B. Hübel wrote:
> Visit Hayoo! here: http://holumbus.fh-wedel.de/hayoo
> Additionally, we have again updated the search index. It contains all packages 
> from Hackage as well as gtk2hs as of 06.07.2009, a total of 111.946 function 
> and type definitions.

Is it possible that coverage has decreased in some areas? I am pretty
sure that a week ago or so I could use Hayoo to find

    sumP :: Num a => [:a:] -> a

from GHC.PArr.

Now, that result does not turn up anymore.


Dr. Janis Voigtlaender
mailto:voigt at tcs.inf.tu-dresden.de

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