[Haskell] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 107 - February 28, 2009

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Sat Feb 28 12:42:32 EST 2009

Haskell Weekly News

Issue 107 - February 28, 2009

   Welcome to issue 107 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.


   Google Summer of Code 2009 - mentors wanted!. Eric Kow [2]reminded
   everyone that darcs will be applying to be a mentoring organisation for
   the Google Summer of Code project 2009, and is seeking people to serve
   as mentors. You need not be a darcs expert to serve as a mentor!

   c2hs 0.16.0. Duncan Coutts [3]announced the release of [4]c2hs version
   0.16.0, a tool which assists in the development of Haskell bindings to
   C libraries by extracts interface information from C header files and
   generating Haskell code with foreign imports and marshaling. The major
   change in this release is that it now uses the [5]Language.C library.

   X Haskell Bindings 0.2. Antoine Latter [6]announced the 0.2.* series
   release of the [7]X Haskell Bindings, mostly aimed at making the API
   prettier. The goal of XHB is to provide a Haskell implementation of the
   X11 wire protocol, similar in spirit to the [8]X protocol C-language
   Binding (XCB).

   text and text-icu, fast and comprehensive Unicode support using stream
   fusion. Bryan O'Sullivan , on behalf of the Data.Text team,
   [9]announced the release of preview versions of two new packages:
   [10]text 0.1, providing fast, packed Unicode text support with modern
   stream fusion, and [11]text-icu 0.1, which augments text with
   comprehensive character set conversion support and normalization (and
   soon more), via bindings to the ICU library.

   Boston Area Haskell User's Group, first meeting on Saturday February
   28th. Shae Matijs Erisson [12]announced the first meeting of the
   [13]Boston Area Haskell User's Group this Saturday, February 28, at
   2pm. Directions are on the web page; you can also check out the
   [14]mailing list.

   New version of Hieroglyph released: Hieroglyph 1.1 is on hackage. Jeff
   Heard [15]announced the release of a new version of [16]Hieroglyph; the
   biggest change is that it now uses Russell O'Connor's excellent
   [17]Data.Colour library.

   bug fix for regex-tdfa, version 0.97.4 (and "regex-ast"). ChrisK
   [18]announced another bug fix release for the [19]regex-tdfa package,
   which fixes another tricksy bug. This is now the only known regex
   library that passes the entire test suite.

   Hac5: April 17-19, Utrecht -- Book Now!. Sean Leather [20]announced
   some updated information regarding the [21]5th Haskell Hackathon. The
   executive summary: hotel or hostel accommodation may be hard to come
   by, so book your room now, and check out the website for lots of useful

   pkgenv - disposable, isolated pkg environments. Paolo Losi
   [22]announced a tool, [23]pkgenv, which facilitates setting up
   isolated, disposable package environments.

Blog noise

   [24]Haskell news from the [25]blogosphere.
     * JP Moresmau: [26]A high-level GUI library for Haskell.
     * Magnus Therning: [27]More fun with Cabal, visualising dependencies.
       Giant graphs are fun!
     * Magnus Therning: [28]A no-no in my book (found in Cabal).
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [29]Finally! Fast Unicode support for Haskell.
       Data.Text is here!
     * happstack.com: [30]Happstack now outputs Apache Combined Logs.
     * GHC / OpenSPARC Project: [31]Benchmarking.
     * Christophe Poucet (vincenz): [32]Fibonacci in the Type System.
     * Eric Kow (kowey): [33]inkscape layers.
     * Magnus Therning: [34]Another reason to create distro-specific
       packages for Haskell modules.
     * boegel: [35]Using Haskell to win the Netflix Prize.
     * Magnus Therning: [36]Simple Cabal parsing.
     * GHC / OpenSPARC Project: [37]Bugfixes and pretty graphs.
     * Jeff Heard: [38]New version of Hieroglyph released..
     * Chris Done: [39]Vgrabbj hacking.
     * Conal Elliott: [40]Paper: Beautiful differentiation. Another draft
       paper from Conal.
     * happstack.com: [41]Momentum builds as we approach Happstack 0.2.
     * Luke Palmer: [42]RTS Research.
     * GHC / OpenSPARC Project: [43]Sanity.
     * Darcs: [44]darcs weekly news #18.
     * Don Stewart (dons): [45]Can Haskell give me a pony?. The answer is:
       Yes! Haskell can do that.
     * Neil Mitchell: [46]Hoogle package search.
     * Alex Mason: [47]AVar changes.
     * Xmonad: [48]Using gimp under xmonad. It can actually be quite nice,
       despite what you might think.
     * FP-Syd: [49]Sydney FP Group: FP-Syd #12..
     * Eric Kow (kowey): [50]implementing join in terms of (>>=).
     * GHC / OpenSPARC Project: [51]Triage.
     * Benjamin L. Russell: [52]Learning Haskell through Category Theory,
       and Adventuring in Category Land: Like Flatterland, Only About

Quotes of the Week

     * lilac: haskell's learning curve is like this: |
     * cowardlydragon: [from a reddit comment thread] Don't get me started
       on monad. What is that, a man with a single testicle?

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