[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: hecc-0.2

Marcel Fourné marcel at bitrot.dyndns.org
Fri Dec 25 11:51:58 EST 2009

Hi again,
this is the second release of hecc, the Elliptic Curve
Cryptography Library for Haskell, to be found at


There are only some smaller changes since the first release **3...

* license change to the more common BSD3
* proper benchmarking
* speed improvements
* timing-attack resistant default point multiplication
* simple key generation (given a generator on the curve used)

En Detail: There are now 2 algorithms for point multiplication, the
classic double-and-add (dnadd) and a montgomery ladder(montgladder).
Dnadd varies in speed between 200us (degenerate case: long rows of
zeroes) and 4.6ms while montgomery ladder (almost, see **1) always takes
its 4.6ms. **2 

**1 except when multiplying by binary numbers with trailing long rows of
zeroes (e.g. 2^254), in which case it also takes 200us (cache?...
anybody got more ideas how to fix this?)
**2 Test HW: 2.4Ghz Core2, accompanying src/bench.hs, projective
coordinates used
**3 (due to an annoyingly complicated fracture of my main hand)

This library still uses plain Haskell, in case anybody wants to
ask... ;-)

Still considered alpha, so beware of dragons!

Almost enjoying holidays, welcoming feedback,

Marcel Fourné
OpenPGP-Key-ID: 0x74545C72
A good library is preferable to a tool, except when you just need that
one tool.

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