[Haskell] hledger 0.7 released

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Dec 12 03:41:37 EST 2009

I'm pleased to announce hledger 0.7. Thanks to Marko Kocić who
contributed many fixes for hlint warnings.

To install/upgrade: cabal update && cabal install hledger [-fweb] [- 

Documentation: http://hledger.org

Release notes:

   * price history support (first cut):
     P directives now work, though differently from c++ ledger. Each
     posting amount takes its fixed unit price from the price history  
     @) when available. This is simple and useful for things like  
     currency expenses (but not investment tracking). Like ledger,  
     and register don't show amount prices any more, and don't separate
     differently-priced amounts. Unlike ledger, print shows all amount
     prices, and supports -B.

   * --effective option, will use transactions' effective dates if any

   * convert: new rules file format, find/create rules file  
     more robust parsing, more useful --debug output

   * print: always sort by date, fix long account name truncation, align
     amounts, show end of line comments, show all amounts for clarity
     (don't elide the final balancing amount)

   * ui: use vty 4, fixes non-ascii and gnome terminal problems  
(issues #3, #4)

   * web: allow data entry, react to data file changes, better layout,  
     links, remove histogram command and filter fields for now, fix bad
     localhost redirect, filter form did not work in eg firefox (issue  
     reset link did not work in all browsers

   * parsing: require whitespace between date and status code, allow  
     ignore) a time in price records, better error messages, non-zero  
     code on parse failure

   * display non-ascii error messages properly (issue #5)

   * fix an arithmetic bug that occasionally rejected valid transactions

   * fix a regex bug in showtree

   * don't break if HOME is undefined

   * --debug now implies --verbose

   * add functional tests like ledger's, use test-framework for speedy
     running, release shelltestrunner as a separate package

   * many hlint cleanups (Marko Kocić)

   * many site and documentation updates

   2 contributors,
   175 days since release,
   182 commits,
   3320 non-test code lines,
   97 tests,
   53% test coverage,
   performance: similar (http://hledger.org/profs/200912111852.bench)


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