[Haskell] Ann: Yogurt-0.4

Martijn van Steenbergen martijn at van.steenbergen.nl
Fri Apr 10 17:57:42 EDT 2009

Bonsoir café,

It is my pleasure to announce version 0.4 of Yogurt, a functional MUD 
client. Version 0.4 makes Yogurt available as a standalone executable 
that is able to dynamically load and reload Yogurt scripts. Here is a 
small example of such a script:

> module Minimal where
> import Network.Yogurt
> newmoon :: Session
> newmoon = session
>   { hostName   = "eclipse.cs.pdx.edu"
>   , portNumber = 7680
>   , mudProgram = \reload -> do
>       mkCommand "reload" reload
>   }

Valid scripts define at least one session which is used to connect to 
the MUD. mudProgram fields are provided with a reload action that when 
invoked reloads the script without interrupting the MUD connection.

Of course, Yogurt also still offers hooks, timers, logging, variables 
and more.

The executable is released as a separate package so that developers 
wishing to use just the "pure" machinery can do that without inheriting 
dependencies on the GHC API or readline library. To install the 
executable, run:

$ cabal update
$ cabal install Yogurt -freadline
$ cabal install Yogurt-Standalone

Yogurt's new home page can be found at:

And on hackage:

I would love to hear your feedback! Suggestions, complaints, comments, 
bug reports, experiences et cetera are all welcome.

Kind regards,


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