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Benjamin L.Russell DekuDekuplex at Yahoo.com
Fri Apr 3 04:53:22 EDT 2009

On Fri, 3 Apr 2009 10:18:17 +0200, Thomas Davie <tatd2 at kent.ac.uk>

>On 3 Apr 2009, at 09:25, Benjamin L.Russell wrote:
>> Or is that a logo of two octopi, one with four arms, and the other
>> with three?  Oh no, the poor octopi!
>If it's an octopi, surely it should have 3.1415926... arms?  Where's  
>the 0.1415926...?

Actually, according to the Wikipedia entry for "octopus" (see
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octopus), I probably should have written
the plural as either "octopuses" or "octopodes":

>The Oxford English Dictionary (2004 update[26]) lists octopuses, octopi
> and octopodes (in that order); it labels octopodes "rare", and notes 
>that octopi derives from the mistaken assumption that octopus is a
> second declension Latin noun, which it is not.

Since the 3.1415926... derives from a mistaken assumption, the
0.1415926... disappears in a poof of logic.  

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