[Haskell] Parsing Haskell?

Daniel Lincke daniel.lincke at pik-potsdam.de
Wed Apr 1 10:31:49 EDT 2009

Hi Haskellers,

I am looking for a parser which can parse Haskell code and build an
syntax tree out of it. The syntax tree should be storable in some
reasonable file format in order to use it as an input for applications
like programm transformation systems.
Is there something like this available? The Haskell compiler ghc and the
interpreter hugs also have to do parsing, is there a possibility to
'abuse' them as parsers?

Greets and thanks,

Dipl.-Inf. Daniel Lincke
PhD student

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PB 60 12 30
14412 Potsdam - Germany

Phone: +49 331 288 2425
Email: daniel.lincke at pik-potsdam.de

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