[Haskell] Marketing Haskell

Angelos Sphyris knightofmathematics at hol.gr
Wed Apr 1 06:44:21 EDT 2009

Surely, I can't be the only person to suspect an April Fool's Day joke 
lurking behind this choice of mascot!

A good one indeed, Simon.

Best regards

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> Dear Haskell enthusiasts,
> Now that the logo issue finally has been settled, it is time to select
> the proper Haskell mascot.  As you are no doubt aware, Microsoft's
> involvement in Haskell means that we have moved from avoiding success
> at all cost to actively marketing the language, and any language
> striving for success is entirely dependent on a cute and distinctive
> mascot.  Where would Perl be today without its camel?
> Since the recent logo discussion has demonstrated once and for all the
> futility of attempting a democratic process in the Haskell community -
> to be quite honest, the elected logo looks like an error message from an 
> mainframe - I have decided to decide on a mascot myself.
> So I hereby declare the official Haskell mascot to be the koala, in
> the form of the image attached below.  Please ensure that this image
> accompanies any material published on the web or on paper.
> Simon


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