[Haskell] Current XML libraries status

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Fri Oct 24 03:31:34 EDT 2008

"Krasimir Angelov" <kr.angelov at gmail.com> writes:

> Does some one have made performance tests on the different XML libraries for
> Haskell? I have a 20MB xml file that I want to read. I remember from my earlier
> experiments (years ago) that all libraries were too slow and were consuming too
> much memory.

For my XML needs, I ended up just using the TagSoup library to
extract the parts I wanted.  At least this allows lazy processing of
large files (a typical file is in the 1 to 4 GB range).

Performance is acceptable, and Neil is rumored to have a plan to
improve it further.

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