[Haskell] GHC 6.10 and OpenGL

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Mon Nov 24 14:38:05 EST 2008

> | It's sad to see the OpenGL binding being dropped from GHC binary
> | installers starting from 6.10. Though this issue has been brought up
> | and discussed before, I'm sure a lot of people who based their work on
> | OpenGL would share the same sympathy.
> The plan (which we have perhaps not articulated as clearly as we should) is this:
> - We are trying to make the GHC release contain as few libraries as possible
> - Instead, you get the "batteries" for GHC (ie the libraries) from the Haskell Platform
>         http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Haskell_Platform
> This lets GHC HQ get out of the library business, and makes it easier to upgrade libraries independently from GHC.  But it does mean that GHC without the batteries is a feeble thing.  You really want to wait until the HP comes out.
> The HP will be released in source form, to be installed by cabal-install, of course. But I believe that the intention is that there should be a Windows installer for it too.
> Things I am less clear about
>  - When will the first HP release compatible with GHC 6.10 appear?

Next few weeks.

>  - How do users get cabal-install in the first place?  Is there
>         a windows installer for it?

Via binaries for their platform (e.g. windows .exe's).

>  - Where can one find an up-to-date list of what packages are in HP?

The definitive version,


There's also a bug tracker.

>  - Is there anyone who is actually planning to do the work of making
>         a windows installer for the HP?  The HP home page lists only
>         Duncan and Don.

We need a Windows platform champion, as we do for other distros, who's
in the business of making native packages for that key system.


> I think it'd be good if it was easy to answer these questions from the HP home page.


-- Don

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