[Haskell] FP Jobs

julien.sylvestre at mlstate.com julien.sylvestre at mlstate.com
Mon Nov 24 06:21:10 EST 2008

MLstate - currently in stealth mode - is an IT company, whose functional
programming approach to SaaS and cloud computing has been recently
recognized by the French Ministry of Research Innovation Award.

We are research-oriented, we value technical excellence and innovation
and we believe our technology has a potential to dramatically change the
way web applications are being built.

MLstate opens several new permanent positions to meet this challenge:

- Senior Developers: Outstanding PhDs with at least 3 years of research
experience in functional languages and/or formal verification and the
ability to manage a small technical team.

- Developers: PhDs with strong FP skills. Applications from PhD students
defending their thesis soon and who should not be reading the caml list
right now... are welcome.

Jobs are based in Paris and include a competitive compensation package.

Please send a (link to your) CV to julien.sylvestre at mlstate.com

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