[Haskell] Re: The Real Monad Transformer or is Haskell.org hijacked?

Benjamin L.Russell DekuDekuplex at Yahoo.com
Thu Nov 13 03:51:34 EST 2008

On Thu, 13 Nov 2008 09:26:35 +0100, Janis Voigtlaender
<voigt at tcs.inf.tu-dresden.de> wrote:

>No, the fun is that Henning has not duplicated anything. He has written
>a web service that acts as a kind of proxy and translates any web page
>my fuzzyfying monads.
>So if he has duplicated anything, he has duplicated the whole internet.
>Try to file a complaint about this ;-)

Aha, that was what the quoted source in Henning Thielemann's message
meant by "a wrapper which presents all the WWW without monads!"

For some reason, because the word "monads" above had not been put into
double-quotes, I had somehow thought that monads were meant, but
actually, "monads" was what was actually meant.

A clearer explanation would perhaps have been "a wrapper which
presents all the WWW without 'monad's!"

-- Benjamin L. Russell

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