[Haskell] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 91 - November 1, 2008

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Sat Nov 1 16:42:05 EDT 2008

Haskell Weekly News
Issue 91 - November 01, 2008

   Welcome to issue 91 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.


   blas version 0.6. Patrick Perry [2]announced a [3]new version of the
   Haskell BLAS bindings, now with support for the ST monad!

   darcs hacking sprint #1 (report). Eric Y. Kow [4]summarized the
   [5]progress made during the darcs hacking sprint last weekend. Looks
   like exciting stuff! Much more detail and links can be found in Eric's
   original email.

   LAST CALL: Haskell Communities and Activities Report. Janis
   Voigtlaender [6]is extending the submission deadline for the 15th
   edition of the Haskell Community and Activities Report by a few days.
   If you haven't already, please [7]write an entry for your new project
   or update your old entry.

   Data.TCache 0.5.1. Alberto G. Corona [8]announced the release of
   [9]Data.TCache, which implements a transactional cache with
   configurable persistence. It tries to simulate Hibernate for Java or
   Rails for Ruby; the main difference is that transactions are done in
   memory trough STM.

   multirec-0.1. Andres Loeh [10]announced the release of the [11]multirec
   package, which provides a mechanism to talk about fixed points of
   systems of datatypes that may be mutually recursive. On top of this
   representations, generic functions such as the fold or the Zipper can
   then be defined.

   Making 'Super Nario Bros.' in Haskell. Korcan Hussein [12]linked to a
   [13]super mario brothers clone which was [14]written in Haskell!

   Chart-0.9. Tim Docker [15]announced the 0.9 release of the [16]Chart
   library, a library for drawing 2D charts.

   Publication of InputYourData.com + Project Announcement. Enzo
   Haussecker [17]announced the publication of [18]InputYourData.com, an
   online tool, written in Haskell, for financial, mathematical and
   scientific calculations. Enzo also described an idea to create a
   similar website where web applications are created by the user. If you
   are intrigued by this project and have substantial experience in
   designing Haskell-based web applications, please send Enzo your resume
   and a brief summery of why you are interested.

Blog noise

   [19]Haskell news from the [20]blogosphere.
     * Mark Jason Dominus: [21]Atypical Typing. Mark describes his OOPSLA
       talk about Haskell's type system.
     * Eric Kow (kowey): [22]official darcs blog!.
     * Ben Moseley: [23]2 Minute intro to Associated Types / Type
     * Ivan Lazar Miljenovic: [24]Honours + LXDE. Ivan discusses the
       status of his Haskell-oriented Mathematics Honours thesis.
     * Jason Dagit: [25]Darcs Hacking Sprint - Summary from Portland Team.
     * Eric Kow (kowey): [26]darcs hacking sprint - Team Brighton Day 2.
     * Dan Piponi (sigfpe): [27]Operads and their Monads.

Quotes of the Week

     * lispy: I just wanted to make sure that this was illegal first
     * quicksilver: it doesn't entirely help that SQL is a series of
       broken standards layered over very poor decisions by large
     * Baughn: SingInTime> hello world <Baughn> SingInTime: Type mismatch:
       Expected type: IRC [a], inferred type: IO ()

About the Haskell Weekly News

   New editions are posted to [28]the Haskell mailing list as well as to
   [29]the Haskell Sequence and [30]Planet Haskell. [31]RSS is also
   available, and headlines appear on [32]haskell.org.

   To help create new editions of this newsletter, please see the
   information on [33]how to contribute. Send stories to byorgey at cis
   dot upenn dot edu. The darcs repository is available at darcs get
   [34]http://code.haskell.org/~byorgey/code/hwn/ .


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