[Haskell] release manager needed for Gtk2Hs

Axel Simon Axel.Simon at ens.fr
Sat May 17 05:09:07 EDT 2008

Good morning all,

the Gtk2Hs library, one of the two major GUI libraries for Haskell,  
is in need of a release manager. With the upcoming HACR, I have  
realised that we haven't released in a long time despite the fact  
that there are many new developments in the darcs repository (the  
ListStore and TreeStore implemented in Haskell are now usable from  
all relevant widgets, e.g., ComboBox, IconView). Duncan has been busy  
working on Cabal which will allow us to swap Gtk2Hs' autoconf-based  
infrastructure to Cabal one day. I myself have relocated and very  
limited access to the various platforms that Gtk2Hs runs on. So while  
I'm still pushing towards a 1.0 release by working on Gtk2Hs, I don't  
have the resources to do the releases.

Helping us releasing Gtk2Hs does not imply a long-term commitment.  
For now, we'd be very grateful for somebody helping us out with the  
next two releases (now and around Xmas). Ideally you have:

- Access to a Linux, Windows, Sun and MacOS machine (no biggie if you  
don't have a Mac).
- Root access to the Linux and Windows machine.
- Experience using autoconf, possibly automake.
- Knowledge of darcs.
- Experience of how broken sed on Solaris is.
- Machines that have a really ancient versions of Gtk installed.
- One machine that has the latest Gtk installed as well as the  
SourceView widget, one of the HTML browser widgets, libglade,  
svgcairo, gconf, gnomevfs, glext and gstreamer libraries.

What we would like you to do is:

- Fix configuration issues that people have reported.
- Build the library on all platforms mentioned above.
- Build a source release.
- Produce a binary installer on Windows.
- Put the documentatio online.
- Make announcements.

What would be great:

- Build a binary installer for Mac using the Aqua port of Gtk+.
- Make the library build documentation using the new haddock.

What you get out of it:

- Experience working with a 82 kLoc Haskell project.
- Mentioned in the Hall of Fame on our webpage.
- Eternal gratefulness from us and our growing community of users.
- A beer from me or Duncan when the situation arises.

If you're interested, please send an email to me or Duncan.


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