[Haskell] Lambda in the sun

James Iry jamesiry at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 15:52:27 EDT 2008

Announcing the creation of Southern California Functional Programmers
(SoCalFP) <http://socalfp.blogspot.com/>, a group for people in LA, Orange
County, and San Diego to meet in person and/or virtually to discuss, debate,
present, and learn about functional programming concepts and techniques in
various languages.

You might ask, "why a functional programming group in Southern California?"

Well, SoCal, wake up and smell the lambda. There's increasing interest in
bastions of functional programming like Haskell and various Lisps; popular
mainstream languages like Ruby and Python have lambda (or lambda like)
capabilities; hybrid OO/functional languages like F# and Scala are
generating buzz; C# 3.0 has embraced core functional ideas like closures and
monads; and even staid, conservative Java may get some functional goodness
in the next version. Perhaps most importantly, programmers can't ignore the
oncoming multi-core freight train and Erlang has shown that concurrency and
functional programming go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

If you're intrigued come visit our main site
<http://socalfp.blogspot.com/>and join our mailing
list <http://groups.google.com/group/socalfp>.
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