[Haskell] Commercial Users of Functional Programming Workshop Call for Participation

Andy Adams-Moran adams-moran at galois.com
Tue Jul 22 14:54:21 EDT 2008

        Commercial Users of Functional Programming Workshop (CUFP) 2008

                 Functional Programming As a Means, Not an End

                            Call for Participation

                             Sponsored by SIGPLAN
                           Co-located with ICFP 2008

                               26 September 2008
                               Victoria, Canada

                    Registration opens in late July through

    Functional languages have been under academic development for
    over 25 years, and remain fertile ground for programming language
    research. Recently, however, developers in industrial,
    governmental, and open source projects have begun to use
    functional programming successfully in practical applications.
    In these settings, functional programming has often provided
    dramatic leverage, including whole new ways of thinking about the
    original problem.

    The goal of the CUFP workshop is to act as a voice for these users
    of functional programming. The workshop supports the increasing
    viability of functional programming in the commercial,
    governmental, and open-source space by providing a forum for
    professionals to share their experiences and ideas, whether those
    ideas are related to business, management, or engineering. The
    workshop is also designed to enable the formation and reinforcement
    of relationships that further the commercial use of functional
    programming. Providing user feedback to language designers and
    implementors is not a primary goal of the workshop, though it will
    be welcome if it occurs.


    CUFP 2008 will last a full day and feature a discussion session
    and the following presentations:

    Don Syme (Microsoft)
           Invited Presentation: Why Microsoft is Investing in
           Functional Programming

    David Balaban (Amgen)
           Minimizing the Immune Response to Functional Programming at

    Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Training and Consulting)
           The Mobile Messaging Gateway, from Idea to Prototype to
           Launch in 12 months

    Jake Donham (Skydeck)
           From OCaml to Javascript at Skydeck

    Nick Gerakines (Yahoo)
           Developing Erlang at Yahoo

    Tom Hawkins (Eaton Corporation)
           Controlling Hybrid Vehicles with Haskell

    Bob Ippolito (Mochimedia)
           Ad Serving with Erlang

    Anil Madhavapeddy (Citrix)
           Xen and the art of OCaml

    Howard Mansell (Credit Suisse)
           Quantitative Finance in F#

    Jeff Polakow (Deutsche Bank)
           Is Haskell ready for everyday computing?

    David Pollak (Lift web framework)
           Buy a Feature: an adventure in immutability and Actors

    Gregory Wright (Antiope)
           Functions to Junctions: Ultra Low Power Chip Design With
           Some Help From Haskell

    There will be no published proceedings, as the meeting is intended
    to be more a discussion forum than a technical interchange.

    See http://cufp.galois.com for more information, including
    presentation abstracts and the most recent schedule information.

Program Committee

      * Lennart Augustsson <lennart(dot)augustsson(at)gmail(dot)com>
      * Matthias Blume <blume(at)tti-c(dot)org>
      * Adam Granicz <granicz(dot)adam(at)intellifactory(dot)com>
      * Jim Grundy(co-chair)<jim(dot)d(dot)grundy(at)intel(dot)com>
      * Andy Martin <akmartin(at)us(dot)ibm(dot)com>
      * Yaron Minsky <yminsky(at)janestcapital(dot)com>
      * Simon Peyton Jones(co-chair)<simonpj(at)microsoft(dot)com>
      * Ulf Wiger <ulf(dot)wiger(at)ericsson(dot)com>

    This will be the fifth CUFP; see CUFP 2004 CUFP 2005, CUFP 2006,
    and CUFP 2007 for information about the earlier meetings, including
    reports from attendees and video of the most recent talks.

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