[Haskell] Re: on starting Haskell-Edu, a new education-related Haskell-related mailing list

Tillmann Rendel rendel at daimi.au.dk
Tue Jul 15 08:39:51 EDT 2008

Alistair Bayley wrote:
> haskell-cafe could just as easily have been cafe; there's no real need
> for the haskell- prefix. All of the lists are @haskell.org, so there's
> redundancy in the prefix. IMO, the only lists that need a prefix are
> haskell-fr, haskell-prime, and haskell. And even haskell could be
> renamed to announce.

While the email addresses used to run the list would be sensible with 
beginners at haskell.org etc., the tag inserted into Subject:-lines should 
still contain "Haskell" to avoid confusion with beginners list for other 
subjects. Maybe "beginners at haskell.org" with a "[Haskell beginners]" tag 
would work, if that is possible.

I see various patterns for the name of mailing lists:

(1) discussed topic as in haskell-art
(2) style of communication as in haskell-cafe
(3) target audience as in ghc-users

While (1) and (2) assume that members of the community decide for every 
posting where to send it to, (3) assumes that every member of the 
community picks a single mailing list to belong to.

Personally, I find this mix of posting-based and poster-based 
association confusing, and would prefer to have only names of type (1). 
E.g., I don't understand the idea of the "ghc-users" mailing list: I'm a 
ghc user, so should I ask questions about Haskell in haskell-cafe or in 
ghc-users? Probably in haskell-cafe, except my question is about 
ghc-specifics. So why is ghc-users not named ghc-specific?

But for beginners, a poster-based association may be easier to manage: A 
beginner knows that he or she is a beginner, but may not know which 
topic a question belongs to. (And may not be willing to select an 
appropriate mailing list for every new posting).


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