[Haskell] Re: on starting Haskell-Edu, a new education-related Haskell-related mailing list

Martijn van Steenbergen martijn at van.steenbergen.nl
Mon Jul 14 07:48:38 EDT 2008

minh thu wrote:
>> [snip]
>> beginners at haskell.org:  Although this name definitely captures the
>> flavor of the mailing list and also conveys a sense of community (with
>> the addition of the 's,' thanks to Dan Licata), the double-n is easy
>> to mistake for beginners, and a new user would probably have
>> difficulty remembering whether the name was "beginner" or "beginners"
>> if a sudden question arose after six months of absence from the
>> mailing list.
> Don't we need to register to be able to post to the ml ?
> Don't we need to see (and the copy(/paste)) the address in the first place ?
> Don't we get an automated response with some info (including a
> reminder of the ml address) ?
> The issue of mispelling a mail address is a bit weak imo.

And can't we set up aliases in case this really turns out to be a problem?



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