[Haskell] Re: on starting Haskell-Edu, a new education-related Haskell-related mailing list

Dave Bayer bayer at cpw.math.columbia.edu
Fri Jul 11 09:24:27 EDT 2008

On Jul 11, 2008, at 5:47 AM, Chad Wilson wrote:

> From previous experience with this sort of thing (the expansion of
> usage for a list(s)), I am thinking you guys have entered a territory
> better served by a forum.  One subscription gets you access to the
> cafe, announcements, n00b section, teachers, core functions, etc.
> While a forum lacks the convenience of using your e-mail client, it
> does offer a better organization and clearer interface to where the
> information should be posted.


I participate in various lists and various forums. That Haskell
uses lists has crippled my participation here; I am quite sure I am
not alone. Nabble and the like do not substitute for real forum

I know the counter-arguments in favor of lists, but most of us
_do_ _not_ use an emacs mode for our email. Hasn't nearly
everyone who does gone off to write their own Lisp? It truly
boggles my mind that Haskell doesn't use a forum, but this is
a discussion I gave up on entering, till the above message.

Haskell wants to grow. Sticking to lists keeps it a "tree house"

Now, we're so balkanized, I'd have to go back and rejoin
the other Haskell lists I dropped, if I wanted to stir this up.
Anyone else interested, who's on the other lists?

Lurkers unite?

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