[Haskell] ANN: 16 updated packages: HDBC, ConfigFile, MissingH, and more

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Wed Jan 16 13:25:21 EST 2008

Hi folks,

I've made new releases of a number of my packages.  Rather than flood
the list with individual announcements, I've consolidated them here.
Many of these packages have only GHC 6.8 compatibility updates, but a
fair number also have more significant changes.  Detailed changes
lists are below.

These packages have been updated:


These have not yet been updated:

arch2darcs (no longer maintained)
gtkrsync   (pending newer GTK upload in Debian)
hpodder    (pending newer haxml upload in Debian)
missingpy  (pending available time)

All packages have been uploaded to:

 * Hackage
 * Debian sid
 * Their software.complete.org site, if any
 * Their darcs or Mercurial repository

anydbm 1.0.5
A generic interface library for DBM-like databases

Update for GHC 6.8.x.

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/anydbm

ConfigFile 1.0.4
Library for reading/writing human-editable configuration files

Updated for GHC 6.8 compatibility and the new MissingH

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/configfile

darcs-buildpackage 0.5.12
Tools for building Debian packages with source stored in Darcs

Updated for GHC 6.8 compatibility and the new MissingH

  Darcs repo: http://darcs.complete.org/darcs-buildpackage
  Debian: http://packages.qa.debian.org/darcs-buildpackage

dfsbuild 1.0.2
Tool for building Debian From Scratch bootable ISO images

* Update for GHC 6.8.x


HDBC 1.1.4
Haskell DataBase Connectivity, generic RDBMS access

* Update cabal for GHC 6.8 thanks to Paulo Tanimoto

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/hdbc

HDBC driver for ODBC connectivity

* Updates for GHC 6.8 thanks to Bjorn Bringert and John Goerzen

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/hdbc-odbc

HDBC driver for PostgreSQL

* Make sure Hackage tarball gets all files in package

* Update for GHC 6.8 thanks to Duncan Coutts

* Now use pg_config to find PostgreSQL library locations automatically
  thanks to Duncan Coutts

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/hdbc-postgresql

HDBC driver for Sqlite v3

* Cabal updates for GHC 6.8 thanks to Duncan Coutts and Paulo Tanimoto

* Allow statements to remain prepared after execution has finished
  thanks to Toby Allsopp

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/hdbc-sqlite3

hg-buildpackage 1.0.4
Tools for building Debian packages with source in Mercurial

Updates for compatibility with GHC 6.8, newest MissingH and HSH


  Mercurial repo: http://hg.complete.org/hg-buildpackage
  Hackage: http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/hg-buildpackage-1.0.4
  Debian: http://packages.debian.org/hg-buildpackage

  [ no trac instance ]
HSH 1.2.5
Library for easy shell-like scripting in Haskell

* Clean ups and doc updates [jgoerzen]

* Update for newer MissingH [jgoerzen]

* Update .cabal for GHC 6.8 thanks to gwern0

* Various cleanups and reorgs thanks to gwern0

* New wcW (wc word count) in ShellEquivs thanks to gwern0

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/hsh

hslogger 1.0.4
Library providing logging infrastructure

* Updated for GHC 6.8 compatibility

* Removed Setup.hs hooks in favor of Cabal configurations

* Thanks to patches from Shae Erisson and Spencer Janssen contributing
  to the GHC 6.8 compatibility.

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/hslogger

LDAP 0.6.3
Haskell bindings for LDAP

* GHC 6.8.x compatibility fixes

* Updated homepage in .cabal file

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/ldap-haskell

ListLike 1.0.1
Library providing generic operations over list-like types

* GHC 6.8.x compatibility fixes to .cabal file

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/listlike

magic 1.0.7
Binding for Magic, the file type identification library

* Updates for GHC 6.8 compatibility

  Hackage: http://hackage.haskell.org/cgi-bin/hackage-scripts/package/magic-1.0.7
  Darcs tree: http://darcs.complete.org/magic-haskell

MissingH 1.0.0
Library of many useful functions

* Poof, this is 1.0!

* GHC 6.8 compatibility fixes:
  + GHC 6.8 introduced Data.String.  Renamed the MissingH Data.String
    to Data.String.Utils
  + doc string tweaks for new haddock
  + cabal and build system updates thanks to Duncan Coutts

* -Wall compatibility improvements throughout.  Patches from gwern0

* Data.List.Utils.uniq efficiency improved thanks to Martin Huschenbett

* New Data.Tuple.Utils from Neil Mitchell

Homepage: http://software.complete.org/missingh

srcinst 0.8.10
Tool to install Debian packages using only source, Gentoo-style

* Updated for GHC 6.8.x and new MissingH

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