[Haskell] Question concerning the "Data Parallel Haskell: a status report" paper

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Mon Jan 7 10:17:32 EST 2008

On Jan 5, 2008 1:35 PM, Stephan Friedrichs <stephan.friedrichs at tu-bs.de>

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> Hi Haskellers,
> the paper "Data Parallel Haskell: a status report" (Chakravarty,
> Leshchinskiy, Peyton Jones, Keller and Marlow) is an important source of
> my seminar handout about skeletons and parallelisation. It contains code
> samples concerning the ArrElem type family:
> class ArrElem e where
>        data [:e:]
>        (!:) :: [:e:] -> Int -> e
> and various instance declarations, e.g.:
> class ArrElem Int where -- sic!
>        -- ...
> My question is: Is "class ArrElem Int" a typo and should be "instance
> ArrElem Int" or did I get something wrong?
> Thanks in advance and a happy new year
>  - Stephan

Since no one else seems to have responded yet -- that's pretty clearly a
typo, should be 'instance' instead of 'class' just as you suppose, and
similarly in the two instance declarations that follow after that.  Unless
there's something weird going on with associated type syntax that I'm not
aware of. (?)

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