[Haskell] *** JOB OFFER *** related to realtime 3D graphics, animation and reactive content

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Thu Feb 21 04:05:35 EST 2008

 <http://www.anygma.com/> Anygma is a startup company focusing on generating
easy-to-use tools for creating audio-visual 2D/3D content, in the area of
entertainment, media, corporate communication and the internet. 

 <http://www.anygma.com/> Anygma has recently raised new capital in order to
fund the development of a new platform targeted towards artists and
designers for generating procedural and reactive geometry, animations and

We are looking for talented and passionate computer scientists and software
engineers to help us design and implement a prototype of this platform.

If you are interested in applying Haskell, OpenGL, and some C/C++, to create
such a platform, feel free to apply for the job by sending an email to
<mailto://peter%3CAT%3Enazooka%3CDOT%3Ecom> peter AT nazooka DOT com.

More information about the job offer can be found
<http://www.anygma.com/JobOfferA.html> here.

Thank you,
Peter Verswyvelen,
Software Architect,
www.anygma.com <http://www.anygma.com/> 


PS: This job offer was already placed in the Haskell Café a while ago, but I
was advised there to place it in the main Haskell list. I hope this is not
considered as spam.

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