[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] Mailing List Archive: Search Broken?

Janis Voigtlaender voigt at tcs.inf.tu-dresden.de
Fri Feb 15 05:19:41 EST 2008

apfelmus wrote:
> Janis Voigtlaender wrote:
>> when searching through gmane, and selecting a single message with a 
>> hit, one gets only to see that message without its context thread. At 
>> least I could not find out a way to switch from the found message to 
>> the thread in which it occurred.
> The subject line is a hyperlink that points to the context thread of the 
> message (which is displayed with frames).

... only in the case of haskell.cafe, but not for haskell.general. (see 
my response to Calvin Smith on the cafe list)

Actually, in the case of haskell.general, it seems to work if and only 
if the current message is the first one in a thread.

Ciao, Janis.

Dr. Janis Voigtlaender
mailto:voigt at tcs.inf.tu-dresden.de

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