[Haskell] ANN: hpodder 1.1.0

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Wed Feb 6 18:03:08 EST 2008

I'm pleased to announce version 1.1.0 of hpodder, the podcast
downloader.  Get it from http://software.complete.org/hpodder

The new features in hpodder 1.1.0 include:

  * New support for configurable renaming of incoming episodes to
    standard extensions.  The previous feature was hard-coded for
    certain data types. 

  * New support for using file -i (or a user-configurable program) to
    determine the actual type of a file to deal with servers that
    don't send correct MIME types in their feeds.  Enable this support
    by default.  

  * New support for user-configurable post-processing commands that
    do things such as tagging.

  * New support for conditional running of post-processing commands
    based on content type.

  * Documented --debug. 

  * New support for GUID tags to reduce occurances of duplicate
    downloads.  Thanks to Jason Creighton for the patch to support

This version is compatible with GHC 6.8.x and MissingH 1.0.x.

-- John

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