[Haskell] Another First course in Haskell

Piyush P Kurur ppk at cse.iitk.ac.in
Thu Aug 21 23:53:47 EDT 2008


	I am planing a haskell based functional programming course.
It is supposed to be a first course and I intend to show how
real world applications can be built quite easily in haskell.


1) Cover all the basics like recursion, interesting data structures
like zippers, monads

2) Haskell programming environment: by this I mean things like 
ghci, hadock, cabal

The students after the course should seriously consider Haskell
as a programming language for implementing their final year projects.
In this aspect if one can convince that things like web-programming
cgi scripting, networking, compiler projects, which are the favorits
for programming projects, are better done in Haskell than
in traditional languages like C and Java that would be a success.

The course will be taken by mostly Computer Science undergrads.

Any feed back is really welcome. I have about 2-3 months to plan
the course.



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