[Haskell] Matrix multiplication

Rishiyur Nikhil nikhil at bluespec.com
Wed Apr 23 20:08:03 EDT 2008

You may be interested in also looking at the winning entry in the
design competition of the "5th ACM-IEEE Intl. Conf. on Formal Methods
and Models for Codesign (MEMOCODE'2007)"


The design problem was a fast matrix multiplier using a combination of
SW and HW (FPGA).  The winning design was implemented using BSV
(Bluespec SystemVerilog, www.bluespec.com), which takes its major
ideas from Haskell and Term Rewriting Systems.

[ For even more spectacular results, take a look at this year's
  MEMOCODE design contest winner.


  The problem was to decrypt, sort and re-encrypt a file of records.
  Out of 27 entrants, 9 finished the contest.  The winning entry was
  written entirely using BSV, and beat the second-place finisher by a
  factor of 11x (yes, 11x, not 11%), and beat the reference software
  implementation by 1100x. ]


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