[Haskell] Change of Editor HCAR (Haskell Communities and Activities Report)

Andres Loeh andres at cs.uu.nl
Tue Apr 8 09:26:48 EDT 2008

Dear Haskellers.

The Haskell Communities and Activities Report (HCAR) for short is a
collection of status reports and news items from projects, groups,
companies, and individuals that appears twice per year.

As of now, the latest issue is from December 2007 and available from
http://haskell.org/communities. I have been the editor of the report for
the last six editions, and have recently been looking for a successor.
It is my pleasure to announce that

  Janis Voigtlaender, Technical University of Dresden

has declared himself willing to perform this task, starting with the
next issue, which will have a deadline very soon, probably in the
beginning of May. I want to use this opportunity to thank Janis for
accepting the responsibility and thereby helping to keep this valuable
information source alive. I also want to thank all the contributors to
the HCAR for supporting it during the past years and ask you to support
Janis in his job by submitting many new entries in time for the
deadline, as you usually did when I was the editor.



Andres Loeh, Universiteit Utrecht

mailto:andres at cs.uu.nl     mailto:mail at andres-loeh.de

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