[Haskell] Continuation Fest 2008: Call for Participation

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Mon Apr 7 22:28:14 EDT 2008

[Conrad Parker's presentation below will talk about continuations in Haskell]

	Continuation Fest 2008: Call for Participation

Date: Sunday April 13, 2008.
Place: Akihabara-Daibiru Building, 13th Floor, Tokyo, Japan.
       (Akihabara Site of the University of Tokyo,

Program (tentative):

    13:00-13:05  Opening

    Session 1. Demonstrating continuations
    13:05-13:45  Kenichi Asai (Ochanomizu)
                 Typing printf 
    13:45-14:25  Oleg Kiselyov 
                 Demo of persistent delimited continuations in OCaml
                 for nested web transactions

    Session 2. Applying continuations
    14:35-15:05  Katsutoshi Itoh (Kahua project)
                 Various use of continuations in Kahua
                 - Application in practical web programming experience
    15:05-15:35  Rui Otake (Tohoku)
                 Delimited continuations in the grammar of Japanese
    15:35-16:00  Conrad Parker (Kyoto)
                 Continuations for video decoding and scrubbing
    16:00-16:25  Takuo Watanabe (Titech) and Yuichi Tanaka 
                 Continuing from the past: An approach to building
                 dynamically upgradable applications

    Session 3. Implementing continuations
    16:35-17:15  Shinji Kono (Ryukyu)
                 How to implement continuation only language in gcc 4.x
    17:15-17:55  Koichi Sasada (Tokyo)
                 Ruby Continuations

    17:55-18:00  Closing

    18:30-      Dinner

	No registration or participation fee is needed to attend
	Continuation Fest except the dinner.
	Those who join the dinner are encouraged to send an e-mail 
	to the organizer by April 11th.

Program committee:
	Chris Barker (New York), Shiro Kawai (Scheme Arts),
	Oleg Kiselyov (FNMOC), Chung-chieh Shan (Chair, Rutgers),
	Taiichi Yuasa (Kyoto)

	Kenichi Asai (Ochanomizu), Yukiyoshi Kameyama (Chair, Tsukuba),
	Takahiro Kido (shelarcy)

	CF2008 at logic.cs.tsukuba.ac.jp

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