[Haskell] HDBC & drivers 1.1.3 released

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Wed Oct 31 14:44:41 EDT 2007

Today I have released HDBC 1.1.3 and the HDBC backend drivers 1.1.3.

Changes follow:

HDBC 1.1.3

  * [API] Added strict versions of fetchAll* and related functions.
    Specific new functions are: quickQuery', fetchAllRows',
    fetchAllRowsAL', fetchAllRowsMAP', sFetchAllRows'.  This does
    not impact database drivers.  No user impact.
  * [API] Changed spec to make the following functions strict
    in their result: describeResult, getTables, describeTable.
    No code change in HDBC.  Potential code change in backends.
    No anticipated user impact.
  * Add SqlByteString constructor to SqlValue.  Patch from
    Toby Allsopp.


  * Updated for new strictness in HDBC 1.1.3
  * Updated Cabal file
  * Efficint binding of ByteString arguments.
    (Path from Toby Allsopp)


  * Strictify a few functions for 1.1.3 API
  * Improve metadata handling.  Patch from Steve Harris
  * Use better SqlValue constructors for column types.  Patch from
    Steve Harris.


  * Stricify a few functions for 1.1.3 API

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