[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: hslogger4j 0.1.1

Bjorn Buckwalter bjorn.buckwalter at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 12:47:18 EDT 2007


I'm pleased to share my unpolished hslogger4j library, available now
from the project homepage[1] or HackageDB.

"Hslogger4j provides handlers for hslogger (John Goerzen's Haskell
logging framework) that are compatible with log4j's XMLLayout. In
particular log messages created by the handlers can be published
directly to the GUI-based log viewer Chainsaw v2."

The motivation behind the library is to leverage tools developed for
the widely used Apache logging framework log4j. In my case I've been
monitoring my hslogger[2] logs in real time using the GUI-based Log
viewer Chainsaw v2[3].

The library also includes some optional supporting Java files (most
importantly a jar) necessary to use Chainsaw with the richer hslogger
levels. The README should clarify usage.

Thank you,
Bjorn Buckwalter

[1] http://hslogger4j.googlecode.com
[2] http://software.complete.org/hslogger
[3] http://logging.apache.org/chainsaw

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